Jaxon 100WC challenge

I got in my car. I drove to my local McDonalds. When I got there I ordered fries. I reached into my bag for my vinegar. My vinegar wasn’t there. I got in my car and drove to the nearest store. It turns out a lot of people wanted vinegar that day and there was none left. I got in my car and drove to the next store and they were also out of vinegar. I had to drive an hour to get vinegar. I put the vinegar on my fries. I took a bite. The vinegar was too sharp.

100 word challenge-Liam

I forgot to put 1 cup of vinegar. Instead i put two cups. I was putting vinegar into my dumpling but then i put two much.  Then it tasted horrible so i said ” The vinegar is two sharp.” Then my parents were like why aren’t you eating. Then I told them i put too much vinegar. So i had to eat another one with another bowl because it had to much sauce. We went to the store to get more vinegar because i used it all.  Then, my parents wanted to eat them before they got cold so they could eat.

100 WC week 22 Cooper

I had wanted to go wine tasting but I had no friends to go with. I decided to instead just taste the wine I had gotten for my birthday. When I took out a bottle and poured, I saw nothing wrong. But now as I write this, I am in disbelief at my ignorance. I took a sip and WHAM, this was not wine! I knew from the taste, it was vinegar! The vinegar was too sharp for the amount I had consumed. I hurled in the sink and put the vinegar on a shelf away from the wine. That was a terrible night.

100WC #22 Landon

The lights seemed to be very dim in the little diner I decided to eat at. Sitting down noticing cracks and scratches all along the walls. The diner seemed to be worn down all over. After taking my order of salad and vinegar it took an awfuly long time for the requested items to arive. Taking a single bite of the salad with the vinegar it suddenly hit me. The vinegar was too sharp in a sense of the unsatisfyingness that went down my throat. Disgusted of what I witnessed I left early to ponder what happened in that diner.


When I was cooking in the kitchen, I was making some food. The food was coming out right and I asked my friend that was at my house, what I did wrong. He said “the vinegar was to sharp” and I asked him “what should I do?” In my head I was so confused and I was just hungry, I just wanted to eat food. I let my friend start over because he was a better cook at the start and He was really hungry as well, so he just wanted to eat some food. After, we ate really good.

100 Word Challenge – Allen

Trey woke up at 7:00 AM. He felt particularly energetic on this beautiful Monday morning. He woke up and made his way downstairs. His clean, white stove was waiting for him, still as ever. He walked over to his refrigerator and picked out a wide variety of vegetables and a dressing. He picked out lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and some avocados. He sliced the avocados and mixed them up with an assortment of lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots. Perfect. He drizzled the salad with some vinegar and had it for breakfast. Everything about the salad was perfect except the vinegar was too sharp.

100wc Week 22 – Felicia

Generations of my family had been famous for inventing many new recipes that blew the entire country away. It was family tradition that each child would spend many months designing an intricate meal. On their thirteenth birthday they would present it to their family for the first time. I stood proudly next to my invention, sure that my parents would be just as proud of me as I was of my dish. My mother walked up to me and examined the dessert. I was beyond excited as she chewed. I waited in anticipation.

“No, no. The vinegar was too sharp.”

100 WC week 22 Caden

After work Leonard came home feeling super hungry. he made some soup and cut the onions. he made the soup then he wanted some vinegar in the soup. he poured a little bit of it in the soup.  he tasted it an the vinegar tasted sharp. so he made a different soup. after he made his new soup it tasted perfect, The vinegar was in perfect amounts in the soup. he ate the soup really fast. The next day he went to the store and saw vinegar, he now hates vinegar from the  soup.

100WC Week 22 – Mandy

The vinegar was too sharp. As soon as it touched my tongue, it shot a weird feeling throughout my entire body, a feeling that made me shiver. I had a weird feeling as soon as I walked into this restaurant.

“Miss, is everything all right?” a waitress walked up to me noticing the expression on my face.

I clamped my hand over my mouth. There was definitely something wrong with this vinegar.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I finally replied.

I bolted out the door as soon as I paid. The ground started spinning and my vision blurred. My body touched pavement.

misal week 22

I was cooking my first stirfry in a year. I was in the hospital for over 12 months just trying to recover but none of that matters now because I am back in the kitchen.  I was cooking away and saw the recipe called for a tablespoon of vinegar which seemed odd but when my mother used to make it it was delicious. I finish and give my friend a taste. Later I ask him how he liked it and he says “The vinegar was too sharp”. I relook at the recipe a teaspoon the accident scrambled my brain like eggs.