100 wc- Anamika

I turned to the left, a girl running through the streets heading towards a brick wall, tears dripping from her eyes. I glanced at her, she was pretty and had blond hair with light blue eyes. She sprinted pass the zoo, gorillas, giraffes, elephants all turning their eyes towards her. She stopped and started to walk. She walked into a yellow building as if she was attracted to it.

100 wc week 10 Christopher

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

The first time that Lela visited the zoo, she was 6. It was a rainy, autumn day. Lela remembers wearing a yellow rain jacket, and her first pair of boots. She remembers entering the zoo, running and splashing in a small puddle past the gates of the zoo.

Out of all the animals that fascinated her, she was most intrigued by the gorilla. She played with the gorillas and fed them until they left. By the time they left, the brick walls on the zoo were drenched in water. She still keeps that pretty yellow jacket.

Athea koester 100wc week 10

It was a beautiful day. The grass was green, the sun shining, the sky blue. There was a pretty woman sitting against a tree. She was wearing a blue dress and had a yellow straw hat on. She sat up straight, her hands moved elegantly, and her dress was smooth. It was peculiar, how perfect she was. A man in a suit started running by. He had a breifcase and a phone. The young woman listened. He was talking about a…gorilla? He looked panicked. He tripped. Bricks fell out of his breifcase. The young woman pretended not to notice.

Samantha Shetty 100wc Week 10

It was a calm night and the sky was full of stars. Suddenly something yellow flashed across the sky. It looked as if it had fallen near the house. I started running and tripped on a what felt like a brick and fell face first on the ground. I slowly got up and came face to face with what looked like a gorilla. I screamed and scrambled back. It scrambled back startled and fell into a patch of moonlight. The moon shown on its silvery fur. It was so pretty and it looked so otherworldly. I had discovered an alien.

100 WC Week 10 – Nayeli

My name was Victor Martinez.  I live in a part of Mexico called, Puerta Vallarta.  Most houses were made of brick and wooden doors.  I had some friends at school but to a minimum.  Our school buildings were mostly painted yellow.  Our bully (In 8th grade) was Oscar Lopez, he was almost as big as a Gorilla.  A lot of people were afraid of him.  He was pretty scary and had most people running for their lives.  I’ve never told on him because then that would mean my death.  No one messes with him and probably never will for eternity.

100 wc week #10 -Savannah

Hey! Whats up my friend. I already did one of these before but this time I am going to be writing about one time when I was in the jungle and I found a gorilla  and it was yellow! I thought it was my new discovery, it was such a pretty gorilla but once I tried to get close to the gorilla it started running to a house made out of bricks I was so sad when it ran away and when I went home I felt like crying, but I didn’t so its cool. I am done bye bye.

100 WC Week 10 Paul

There was once a gorilla.  He had a pretty wife, and had many kids which he could not tolerate. One day, his kids were running around so much that he couldn’t take it anymore.  They were annoying him so much, yelling, teasing, and even throwing, some squishy, yellow bananas at him.  He finally couldn’t hold in his anger.    He screamed and beat the walls with his paw.  Bricks came crashing down.  The kids and his wife were utterly terrified.  They decided to run away and from the gorilla and to this day, the gorilla lives alone, regretting losing his temper.

Sydney Tao 100wc Week 10

I breathed a heavy sigh. I looked out the window hoping for it to be here, but all I saw was the sky, which had a mix of blue, pink orange, and yellow, mixing into to the setting sun. I had to admit, it was very pretty, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to see. I sat down. 10 minutes passed.  Then I looked out and saw it. A huge, strong, gorilla running into a wall of bricks. And you’re probably wondering why I was waiting for this. Behind the brick is a banana, and that banana is poisonous.

Zak’s 100wc Week 10 Entry

Some Gorillas in England Believe in Antidisestablishmentarianism“?  What utter gobbledygook.  I stared at the paper in disbelief, eating my banana.  How could any gorilla think in such a way?  I walked outside to behold the day, the red bricks on the wall, the yellow sun above us all; what a pretty day to be alive!  I strove to forget the paper, the horrors of abandoning the establishment to which we conform, and started to my car.  I hailed a running runner who ran right by, a runoff of sweat trailing behind him, and singed my fur on my car door.