100WC Week 24 Tala

It was the night of HALLOWEEN everyone was ready to leave for trick or treating. I checked my watch and realized that it was super late all of the candy would probably have been gone. We decided that we would still go trick or treating. We walked around for about another hour but there was still no luck. When we all came home we saw that our neighbors light was turned on. I thought it was our last chance. We went to the basket and it was empty. WHAT A SURPRISE! This was the worst Halloween EVER.

One thought on “100WC Week 24 Tala”

  1. Oh dear, what a shame Tala! I like the way you capitalized ‘what a surprise’ to emphasize your disappointment. At least, on the bright side, your teeth wouldn’t suffer from the sugar. (Yeah, I know. Small consolation). I wonder how it might have felt as one house after another could only offer an empty basket. How might you have expressed that in your story?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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