100 word challenge-Liam

I forgot to put 1 cup of vinegar. Instead i put two cups. I was putting vinegar into my dumpling but then i put two much.  Then it tasted horrible so i said ” The vinegar is two sharp.” Then my parents were like why aren’t you eating. Then I told them i put too much vinegar. So i had to eat another one with another bowl because it had to much sauce. We went to the store to get more vinegar because i used it all.  Then, my parents wanted to eat them before they got cold so they could eat.

One thought on “100 word challenge-Liam”

  1. Well done for including a series of events that relate to the prompt! You explain everything around the venigar and I enjoy that. There is just a tiny spelling problem with “two much” which should be “too much”, but apart from that everything is lovely!

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