100WC Week 24 Daniel.C

It was time. I got on the battle bus and I was very scared but nobody was scared. I went into duo match and my partner left so I went to lonely lodge. That whole game I was bush camping with my scar. I was eating, watching ninja, and sleeping. All of a sudden there is a guy bush camping. I went to the bush and it was empty…. What a surprise!…. I said to myself enemy is dodo. So I take him out. All of a sudden I realize it’s a 1v1  and I got sniped.


                         RIP Season 2


100WC Week 24 Jacob

i was playing and i got hungry so i got some Cheetos. The bag was empty; what a surprise! It must have been my mom; she loves Cheetos. I guess she has to go to the store and  buy me some more unless she wants me to eat paper, and I don’t want to eat paper. It does not taste good, and Cheetos do. She said she would go to the store. I asked her to get me a Gatorade, too, because that is the stuff that real Gamer’s like to eat and drink, and I am a gamer.

100WC Week 24 Hayden

Once I got home when the weekend started, I went straight to my room where my console was. I got on and I started the application. It said that I couldn’t get on. I pushed the ejection button and there was no disc, then I checked the cases and there were empty, what a surprise! I told my mom she said that she gave them to the game store because she was sick of me playing them. I begged her for them back, but she said no and I can’t get my games ever again.



100WC Week 24 Satoru

Meanwhile, in the fight between Pewdiepie and T-Series, Pewdiepie is losing subscribers because Youtube doesn’t like original content and is giving Pewds audits. Pewdiepie used a reverse card! It’s Super effective! T-Series got back to 70M subs! The subscriber difference went up to 30M! Youtube tried to give Pewdiepie but their audit token box is empty. What a surprise! Now, because T-Series has lost the battle, they’ve gone in despair and stopped using sub bots. Now, T-Series’ sub count went down all the way to only 10M subscribers! Now, Pewdiepie has won the war! {Words to get exactly 100 words}

100WC Week 24 Tala

It was the night of HALLOWEEN everyone was ready to leave for trick or treating. I checked my watch and realized that it was super late all of the candy would probably have been gone. We decided that we would still go trick or treating. We walked around for about another hour but there was still no luck. When we all came home we saw that our neighbors light was turned on. I thought it was our last chance. We went to the basket and it was empty. WHAT A SURPRISE! This was the worst Halloween EVER.

100WC Week 24 Rien

The Case of the Missing Brain

Alex had a robotics team that won multiple awards. One day when they had a robotics meeting, they realized the robot brain was weightless. The brain of their robot was empty. What a suprise! They looked everywhere and could´nt find it, so they went to the zoo to see the Penguins of Madagascar. They asked Kowalski for analysis and he said another team took it They looked through the city and Kowalski was correct . It was Alex´s old team known as the Panthers. He disqualified the Panthers from tournaments and saved the robot brain.

100WC week 24 Johnny

Where did my candy go? I guess i might look in the box even though i knew that it was going to be empty. I opened the box – empty, what a surprise! I knew that I going to find my candy in there. Wait what is that, I  see something in the corner  of my eye it was the thing i searched countless hour for…. well, maybe five minutes but it felt like nine hours. It was my CANDY! I ran over and grabbed it. I put that giant candy in my mouth. It was the best candy ever.

100WC , Week 24, Brianna

The door to the attic. Today was my birthday. I was looking for my gifts. I looked into the room. I spotted a box covered in silver paper and had a ribbon on the top. I rush up to it and opened the lid. …Empty. What a surprise! I hear a car.  I shut the door to the attic and run. That night, while I ate a slice of cake, my sister pulled the present. She told me to open it. I opened the box, expecting it to still be empty. But when I opened it a puppy jumped out!

100WC Week 24 Brandon

I was starving. Lunch is in five minutes. The bell rings. I rush out of the door and sit on the bench. My stomach grumbles. I open my lunchbox, it’s empty. What a surprise! I cry, I whimper, I fall to the ground in despair. I ask my friends to supply me with food, they refused. I asked the teachers, they rejected my request. The only thing that went through my mouth was water at the water fountain. I at there for about three minutes. I fall down and faint from starvation. Nurses wheel me to the best buffet ever.

100WC Week 24 Daniel H.

It’s my birthday. I wanted a game control. All I wanted, but my parents this whole year were mad at me. Maybe I pulled someone’s pant down and got suspended and caused trouble I think they will still get it for me. I wake up in the morning and tip toe across the room for the presents. I open one. Empty. What a surprise! I thought my parents loved me. I thought they like me, maybe not. Then it hit me, I should’ve behaved better. All of a sudden i heard a noise “we should put the game console now.”