100WC Week 24 Satoru

Meanwhile, in the fight between Pewdiepie and T-Series, Pewdiepie is losing subscribers because Youtube doesn’t like original content and is giving Pewds audits. Pewdiepie used a reverse card! It’s Super effective! T-Series got back to 70M subs! The subscriber difference went up to 30M! Youtube tried to give Pewdiepie but their audit token box is empty. What a surprise! Now, because T-Series has lost the battle, they’ve gone in despair and stopped using sub bots. Now, T-Series’ sub count went down all the way to only 10M subscribers! Now, Pewdiepie has won the war!

100WC Week 24 Kaitlyn

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! My father had already cut down the perfect tree, and he is on his way home. My mother and I needed to get the decorations ready. We moved the big box of decorations into the living room and started to open it. My mom reached her hand in and said, “That’s strange.” I asked, “What’s strange?”. My mom turned around and said the box was light because it was empty. What a surprise! My annoying little brother had pranked us! The real box of decorations was in his room the entire time.

100WC Week 24 – Ian

There were only 5 players left.  A supply drop was about to land near me.  Someone else was fighting for it, but I shot their structure and they fell.  The supply drop was all mine. I opened it up, but it was empty! What a surprise.  This kind of the glitch was the worst.  I threw the controller on the ground. All my weapons sucked, and this was my only chance of winning.  I reloaded Fortnite and entered another battle.  I found another airdrop, but it was still empty.  I decided that I didn’t need it.  I won without the airdrop.

100WC Week 22 Neena

“Welcome back, Bob.”

“Hello, Jeff,” I said. “I see that you are well.”

That was a lie, Jeff actually looked terrible compared to the time we had last spoken. But he smiled from his armchair he was sitting at. “I called you here for a very specific reason.”

But before I could speak, Jeff fell out of his chair smiling. One of his fists were closed. His voice rasped as he spoke again. “The vinegar was too sharp.”

He opened his closed fist which contained tiny vial of something, which he handed to me. “Drink up, Bob.”

100WC Week22 Adrienne

I was all alone in a dark basement, waiting for someone to notice me. I couldn’t remember anything.

I wanted to get out, but I couldn’t. There were boarded up windows and a door without a doorknob. I began to breathe heavily, and then I fainted.

I woke up and found a bowl of vinegar. I was thirsty, so drank it. The vinegar was too sharp. I began shaking; it was too strong to be normal.

Dizziness took over. I fainted again.

I woke up and screamed when I saw myself floating above a body. My body. My dead body.



100WC Week 22 Megan

I sat at the dinner table, my stomach rumbled. So, I stood up and walked over to the pantry. I the spotted a bottle of black liquid. It sat on the counter and stared at me. Oh it’s vinegar, I thought. It had a sour smell. I placed it on the counter and made my way over to the pantry. I scanned my options looking left to right. Bread? Sure, I assured myself. I then grabbed a slice and poured some vinegar onto my bread. I finally took a bite into the sour tasting bread, the vinegar was too sharp.

100WC Challenge Week #22 – Amelie

“It’s finally ready,” she whispered, holding up the vial.

“You sure you want to be the one to test it?” asked her assistant, Mara.

“Of course. I’m the scientist,” answered Esther, her emerald eyes glinting maliciously.

She lifted the bottle to her lips, ecstatic. This vinegar would allow her to achieve her wildest dreams.

She took a deep breath before downing the liquid.


Something had gone wrong. The vinegar was too sharp. She was in pain.

Mara cackled.

Esther fell down with a thud. Her last memory was Mara’s gleeful face watching her as her eyes fluttered shut. Forever.

Week #22- Alexandrea

Today was my grandmother’s birthday.  I was so excited to see her that I was jumping up and down on my seat. As I walked into her house, a sweet aroma drifted from the kitchen. Quickly, I ran over to my grandmother’s side and watched her cook. Next to her,  there was a shelf filled with different colored jars. I was curious, and my eyes locked with one of the jars. It was shaped like a small bear. I picked it up and decided to smell it. I was startled and jumped back. My grandmother laughed. The vinegar is sharp!

100WC – Adrienne

Yesterday, on June 11th, my friend died of cancer. Her name was Brittany. She was thirteen and a straight-A student with washed-out black hair. I remember the eggs she ate that morning, the flickering light in her hospital room, the fringe of her shorts.

I remember the numbness when the doctor delivered the grim news. I remember sobbing, screaming hysterically.

Now, I’m sitting on my bed and replaying memories of her. She was always there when I got hurt, always laughed with me and never at me. I was so fortunate to have her.

And now she’s gone.


100WC week 19 – Landon

The boiled eggs, dazzled with an irresistible smell yearning to be devoured. With in less of a jiffy all washed down with a glass of refreshing water. In that instance Rebecca was ready for anything the day threw at her. She was walking to work in fringe clothing full of style. Flickering with joy, greeting all of her co-workers setting everyone else in a well-being mood. Then after a tough day at work being slugged constantly with complaints from customers, her happy-radiating mood became a black-sad one. Laying her head down on her pillow to repeat the same day’s schedule.