100WC Week 22 Megan

I sat at the dinner table, my stomach rumbled. So, I stood up and walked over to the pantry. I the spotted a bottle of black liquid. It sat on the counter and stared at me. Oh it’s vinegar, I thought. It had a sour smell. I placed it on the counter and made my way over to the pantry. I scanned my options looking left to right. Bread? Sure, I assured myself. I then grabbed a slice and poured some vinegar onto my bread. I finally took a bite into the sour tasting bread, the vinegar was too sharp.

One thought on “100WC Week 22 Megan”

  1. Now, I wonder if the ‘black liquid’ *really* was vinegar Megan? If there was no label on the bottle, perhaps it could have been something else … but what? Not sure a vinegar sandwich would have been my first choice of snack though 😉
    I liked the variety of verbs you chose for your story (‘scanned,’ ‘assured,’ ‘grabbed’ etc), but can you see how you might have joined some of the shorter sentences into longer ones to help the story flow a little more?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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