100 word challange anton

pewdipie was editing a video promoting mr beast and there was  a red light outside and pewdipie checked it out  and it was t series and they were invading! they had a ladder and started climbing up to pewdipies window and pewdipie was on the ground basicly sinkng and he dropped a bunch of coins to make t series go away but t series said no and threw him out and he hit the pavement and t series was ruining pewdipies channel and was about to delete it suddelny mr beast came and forced t sereis to leave

3 thoughts on “100 word challange anton”

  1. Hi Anton,
    Well done for incorporating all of the prompt words. Poor old Pewdipie! Luckily, Mr Beast managed to save the day….. What is ‘T Series?’ It doesn’t sound like something you’d want in a promotional video.

    Remember to check your work to edit it for punctuation. It would have been a bit easier to read.

    Great work!

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hello Anton, your story is certainly action-packed. I really liked the choice of your main character’s name and how you started the story slowly with Pewdipie just quietly editing a video then you introduced the danger. Well done. You might like to set yourself the challenge of editing your work for correct punctuation.

  3. hello and thank you for your response

    T seires is a music company based in india that made a youtube channel in 2016 and pewdipie the most subed channel for 4 years is still #1 and t seires is about to pass him ,early today on march 11th 2019, t seires was only 1,000 subscribers behind from pewdipie and pewdipie needs youtubes help. i would recomend subscribing to pewdipie and unsubscribing from T series (you dont have to wacth pewdipie but at least subscribe to him) mr beast is a youtuber who dose challange videos but mostly he promotes pewdipie and hates T seires
    “T series more like L seires”
    – Mr beast 2018

    sincerley Anton

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