100 wc 23 Hector

The boy at the store was really nice when he wore a red hoodie. He was also very lucky when he had his lucky coins. The boy in the hoodie liked to eat lots of apples. He also liked to play basketball on the pavement. When he was lonely he liked to go the river and look at the rocks as they were sinking into the water.When he was home he always ate food and napped and he also did he homework. He also likes to decorate his room every other weekend and he did that over and over.

2 thoughts on “100 wc 23 Hector”

  1. Hi Hector,

    I loved all of your description words in your story.
    My favourite bit of the story was when he had the
    Lucky coins and that he wore the
    Red hoodie


  2. Hello Hector, you created a clear picture of the character in the story so that the reader can feel that they have got to know this boy from afar. The sentence about when he is lonely works really well and as a reader I felt his sadness. Well done.

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