100wc week 23- Georgia

The whole world turned red, almost as if it was lit ablaze. The pavement crumbled away, down to the center of earth.Huge tidal waves sinking cruise ships, and flooding cities for miles on end.¬†¬†Nothing was untoched. The Devil had her hand on every piece of the universe. Tornadoes started up, sweeping the streets. Nothing escapes. A park bench, newspaper stands, a ladder, half a bank. A vault door swung open, and silver coins glint making the wind seem like it is wearing a sequin covered sweater. The world slowly descends into chaos. As for the devil? She’s me.

One thought on “100wc week 23- Georgia”

  1. Ooooh, very clever use of the prompt words. You built the scene really clearly and hooked me right in! (Mind you, isn’t that what a devil does?)

    Minor spelling error (untouched)

    Well done!

    Melbourne, Australia

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