100 WC week 23 -Joshua Chin

One peaceful evening in a town, the sky was a light red from the fire in the new city hall. There recently had been construction on the pavement connecting the city hall to the road. Fire fighters from a different town passed by and decided to help out so they ran to grab their hose to put out the fire, they ran to grab a ladder to get in the city hall and save the mayor but their ladder kept sinking into the newly made pavement. At the end of the day they were paid in coins for their services.

One thought on “100 WC week 23 -Joshua Chin”

  1. Hi Joshua! I really enjoyed reading this little story! But I’d really like to know a little bit more details about how the fire fighters from the different town tried hard to save the new city hall and the mayor. Also looking forward to reading more stories written by you 🙂

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