100 WC Week #22 – Emily

This evening on Master Chef the recruits have to use vinegar somewhere in their dish. They had 30 minutes to cook something, this is not an elimination round. Chef #1 is up, with their salad. The dressing is made with vinegar and other stuff. The salad has lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, raisins, and other stuff. Chef Gordan Ramsey is tasting Chef #1’s dish. “I think it’s a good salad but I think you could’ve done more instead of just a salad in this amount of time.” Ramsey comments. “The dressing is good except the vinegar was too sharp. I can still taste it.”

One thought on “100 WC Week #22 – Emily”

  1. Hi Emily
    A good use of the prompt this week. You have kept your idea simple, making it easy for the reader to follow and it meant that you could use the prompt words well in your writing.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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