100 word challenge- Andrew T

Stacy was in the Fringes of the Earth’s last powerful civilization, somewhere in Northern Alaska.  Everywhere between Alaska and Texas was the great industrial zone of the empire and everywhere else was either luxury housing or inky blackness.  She was wearing an all black body suit of which was recently washed – a rare luxury on the outskirts of the empire- and planned to break into an abandoned warehouse.  As she walked in the lights were flickering crazily.  She stepped on something and heard it crack – oh boy did she hope it was an egg’s shell and not a small bone.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge- Andrew T”

  1. Hi Andrew, wow! what a great story with a lovely mysterious feel to it that had me hooked from the start. You have done a good job describing your desolate future and immediately made me feel sympathy for your character. Nicely structured, creative and leaving me wanting to know how it goes on. Excellent story telling, well done.

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